Roper Mountain Science Center Spring Fest 2010

The Roper Mountain Science Center's Engineer-It Days original date (January 17, 2010) was cancelled due to weather.  This event was rescheduled for May 8, from 9am to 2:30pm and merged with their Spring Fest event.  Click [here for more information].

Our club participated in this event by setting up and operating the layout shown below.  This layout features the original N-Trak modules belonging to the former club.  The event was a big success, with lots of excited kids getting to see the layout and watch the trains run.  Even with the smaller configuration, we were able to run numerous trains, with at least 4 in motion most of the time.  Some of the biggest hits were the camera car, the "John Deere" train, the "fast train", and the sound-equipped Challenger.  

We were also able to set up a wi-fi attached laptop running the JMRI software.  We used the JMRI WiThrottle feature to connect a couple of iPhones and a Droid phone as throttles.  See the Electronics page for more information on that.